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Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeon

Oral And maxillofacial surgery deals with diagnosis and treatment of patients with diseases injuries and defects affecting the mouth,jaw,face and neck.The surgeons apply their knowledge in treatment of conditions such as impacted teeth, facialpain, salivary gland diseases, cysts and tumors of jaw, biopsy of oral lesions, trauma, orthognathic surgery (surgery to create straight jaw profiles), TMJ problems(temporomandibular joint problems)etc.


An orthodontist specializes in fixing malaligned teeth and jaws. He/ She diagnoses and treats overbites, crowded teeth, proclaimed teeth, rotated teeth, spaced teeth. Orthodontist also specializes in problems related to jaw such as forwardly placed upper or lower jaw.


Pedodontists perform dental procedures on children and infants. Because of their specialized training, they are equipped to handle behavioral situations and also children with physical and mental disabilities. They generally use behavioral guidance techniques on children to alleviate fear and anxiety of dental procedures.


Endodontics encompasses the study of basic and clinical sciences of normal pulp and prevention, diagnosis, treatment of several injuries to a dental pulp along with associated periradicular conditions. He also manages cases of root canals that are C-shaped, S-shaped, calcified canals.


Specifically, a prosthodontist specializes in fixing issues that has to deal with missing tooth or teeth and jaw problems. Prosthodontists deal with both the appearance and function of teeth and gums. Along with fixing dental problems so that you have a functional bite, prosthodontists also make sure that your teeth look natural and attractive.


A periodontist is the one that specializes in the diagnosis treatment and prevention of diseases related to periodontium i.e gums, gingiva, cementum, periodontal ligament and bone. A periodontist examines the gums, checks if there is any gum line recession, assesses how teeth fit together when biting and checks the teeth if they are loose. He / she will take a measuring instrument called probe and place it between gums and teeth to determine the depth of the spaces between them.

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